When Branding and Digitization meet in a bar.

Evolvet is the love child of brand development and digitalization. With us, you increase your digital footprint. Smart solutions for complex processes that convince employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Our partners

Evolvet wins at the German Agency Award 2021

A global brand for workplace culture wants to establish consulting as a service.

Start small

We often start customer projects with small prototypes. This is how we quickly bring ideas to life. So instead of long planning, we go straight into implementation so that there are results in a short time.

If the ideas prove themselves, then we expand the digital product – based on new insights and customer wishes. In this way, we accompany some projects for many years.

Since we believe that the brand should be felt everywhere, we also let it flow into digital solutions. To do this, we also look at your branding during the collaboration and incorporate it.

  • Purpose
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Design

No matter what the problem - Evolvet convinces with speed, expertise and ingenious solutions. At the same time, the agency is always attentive to our individual wishes and is always a trustworthy contact partner.

Katrin BecherAHW Unternehmerkanzlei

Working with Evolvet's highly innovative team has been an incredible boost for us, especially in terms of realizing our information and communication technology projects in the education sector. The implementation takes place quickly and in close cooperation with us as customers. The focus is always on practical benefits and user-friendliness.

Silke DrewsHandwerkskammer Dortmund

Our services

  • Branding Strategy
  • Digital Brand Experience
  • Employer Branding
  • Corporate Identity
  • Innovation strategy
  • Positioning
  • Corporate Design
  • Social Media Branding
  • Business model innovation
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Performance Marketing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Target group analysis
  • Corporate Language
  • Brand & User Experience


How to start the cooperation

First we talk. We want to get to know you and your challenge better. Depending on the type of project, we take an initial inventory of your digital infrastructure and brand world. If we feel we can help you with your problem, we write a proposal that includes the next steps to success.

What is a digital brand strategy?

The goal of a branding strategy is to make your ideal customers fall in love with your brand. They should not only buy your product, but also identify with you and your values. A successful branding strategy includes the brand’s mission, its promises to customers, and how these are communicated. In digital brand strategy, we look specifically at digital channels or develop entirely new digital brand experiences.

Brand strategy is primarily concerned with the following questions:

  • What are the goals of your brand and how should they be communicated
  • What problems does the brand solve and what benefits does it have for the target customers?
  • Who is a desired customer and how can they be identified? Who will benefit from the brand?
  • How do these customers feel and how would they like to feel?
  • Who is the competition? Who is already offering potential customers what they want, and how?
  • How do you address potential customers? What personality and tone of voice might brand have to achieve its goals?

How long does something like this take?

It depends on the size of the company and the length of the coordination channels. It is crucial how much information we receive from you or work out together. If you know your target group and your competition, we need less time for research. At the start of the brand project, we like to set up regular meeting dates where we show interim results and clarify queries. For spontaneous arrangements we can also talk on the phone at any time.

From previous projects we estimate the development of a strategic direction and visual identity to take about 3 calendar months. Technically, we can also do the work faster, but the coordination takes time.

How and how often will we communicate?

Internally and with partners and customers, we usually use Slack, MS Teams and emails. For us, the result and the possibility of transparent communication are much more important than these tools.

We present results and intermediate results in personal meetings (online possible) to be able to collect direct feedback. For final approval we always send you the media for review.

I just want to realize a digital project. Is it possible without branding?

Yes, we also implement entirely IT and digitalization projects.

Arbeitet ihr auch mit Startups?

Absolutely! We love working with founders and their teams. So far, we’ve worked mostly with tech startups and we’d love to explore other industries.

Get to know the people behind

Entrepreneurs, designers, developers and brand strategists feel at home at Evolvet. We are experts in our disciplines and bring them together with an eye for the big picture.