Digital Processes & Operations

Increasing competi­tiveness in a digitally trans­formed world.

Our focus is on the development of operating models, processes and applications for companies in a wide range of industries in Germany.

At the latest since the outbreak of Corona, our customers are increasingly focusing on optimised processes and cost structures.

Digital technologies such as cloud, automation, 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies find new ways to improve their processes in a variety of industries. This goes hand in hand with lower costs and better engagement opportunities for employees. And we are just at the beginning of the digital revolution.

Evolvet is therefore in a position to advise clients on the strategic use of digital technologies. Evolvet’s extensive experience in strategy and process consulting makes us an ideal partner for your efficiency improvement based on digital technologies.

Processes are not science, but practical experience

Digital solutions that we develop for you are always created according to the MVP principle:

MVP is a process of developing a new product with core features and key minimum features to test how the target audience would react to it. After a series of iterations, we then develop the actual product with the full feature set, always incorporating feedback from early adopters.

Management and Operations

Reorganisation and restructuring

To transform, companies often need to restructure. We develop organisational and operational models in combination with other consulting areas.

Enterprise Resource Planning & Digital Operations Platforms

Every company relies on an ERP system or DOP, as they are an essential part of the company’s digital transformation.

Our consultants…

  • Ensure that the current system/process landscape has the necessary visibility.
  • Introduce new platforms and their underlying technologies with a wide range of useful applications.
  • Develop a transformation roadmap together with the client for a successful implementation and manage the implementation process

Business Process Management

We leverage the latest BPM technologies and solution providers, as well as the latest achievements in robotic process automation and agile value networks. processes and how they are used in practice. The portfolio includes proven industry standards that cover the entire BPM lifecycle.

Our services

  • Business Process Management
  • Automation Solutions / Automation
  • Digital Consulting
  • Operational excellence