Capterra(Gartner): CRM

Why do companies need a CRM? To what extent does such a system support day-to-day processes, customer relationships and productivity? And in particular: How do I find the right application for my needs?

Capterra got to the bottom of these questions with us and guides us through a detailed and excellently structured article.

Why a CRM is worthwhile and what experiences we have had with it are immortalized in the article.

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Evolvet Case - Capterra Gartner CRM - Zitat

“The demands grew increasingly with the complexity of the undertaking. While the Outlook address book with a few additional functions was sufficient in the beginning, it was quickly replaced by the next evolutionary stage. At that time, it was still the Swiss army knife in the form of a spreadsheet, which quickly reached its limits. After the initial trials with the first CRM, it was replaced a year later by a second, more powerful system.”

Georgios Pavlakoudis
CEO Evolvet GmbH