Together with our customers, we develop a digital manufacturing strategy, such as the conception of a smart factory or a digital twin, and implement it. We also accompany the technical and organisational implementation and take on transformation management tasks.


At Evolvet, we work with global companies and regional utilities to help them improve their business models and reinvent themselves in the energy industry.

Financial services

We accompany banks and insurance companies on their transformation journey.


The digital age for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is characterised by patient- and outcome-oriented business models.


The Industrial Internet of Things is built on the foundation of the smart factory (IIoT). We develop smart factories and transform existing factories holistically.

Public sector

Public sector clients benefit from our strategic and technical expertise in the digital domain.


The business world is increasingly shaped by technological advances. For the delivery of services, information and communication technology (ICT) is a crucial production factor.

Logistics, transport and travel

Travel, transport and logistics companies trust us to help them prepare for the future by implementing digital business models and smart mobility and protecting them from new cyber risks.