The antonym platform

Synonym or antonym?

We regularly encounter a problem when copywriting: finding antonyms/opposites of specific words. Although a few platforms offer sparse information on antonyms, there is no search engine of its own. Consequently, we have set ourselves the goal of developing our own platform for antonyms, which publishes editorially maintained content. The first search engine for antonyms worldwide got launched. The new website met with rapid acceptance and generated daily visitor numbers in the 5-digit range. The later published version 2 of the platform allowed us to interact
better with the visitors, who could now comment on words/antonyms and rate them and also suggest words for which we find antonyms.


  • Over 1,900 editorially maintained entries
  • Minimal and simple design without advertisement
  • Commenting and rating entries for visitors
  • Suggesting new words in general or for specific words
  • Powerful administration and management backend