Handwerkskammer Dortmund

Digitization for the craft

The „Handwerkskammer Dortmund“ (HWK) is one of the biggest of the 53 Chamber of Crafts in Germany and represents the interests of the trade of their region as a whole. They are a pioneer in the digitalisation of the craftsman and pushing innovation and strategies forward. Evolvet is advising the HWK since 2018 in the digital transformation for the HWK itself and all corresponding craft enterprises, creating strategies, building networks and executing projects.

A brief excerpt of our our services so far:

  • General consulting in digital transformation, creating plans, white and strategy papers, reports, documentations and workshops.
  • Consulting and developing for the internal EdTech platform.
  • Fair trade „HANDWERK DIGITAL“:
    Workshop on „Introduction to Digitalization“ held.
    Developed the website to target
    the young audience.
  • Project „“:
    Developed the website as first landingpage for an extended platform to support the digitization in companies individually through different tools (in development).