The science of technology

Technology for Digital Transformation

Information technology forms the basis of digitization. Its manifold facets make technologies such as autonomous driving, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, sharing economy or the Internet of things possible. Nevertheless, there are still many unused potentials in every area of computer science, which can only be unearthed through inventiveness and strong innovative power. This is where Evolvet comes in.

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19/06/2017 in Technology

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IT consulting

Looking strategically into the IT future

With decades of experience in information technology, we are not only valuable consultants, but also strategic partners who are able to identify trends at an early stage with foresight and form a solid IT landscape. In doing so, we showcase our competence, with a focus on digitization, in almost every segment of computer science: Digital transformation, IT security, IT resilience, IT infrastructure, cloud services and much more.

Multichannel e-commerce

Trading at maximum

Online shops have been providing customers with a convenient way of purchasing the products offered for many years, regardless of location. A shop system is quickly set up, the first products are quickly configured and the shop is ready for the first sales. But what should a product detail page contain? How is the shop structurally structured and via which channels should the offer be distributed? Fighting the big top dog is increasingly becoming a challenge, but we are confronted with a wealth of ideas in the area of customer experience, which leads to the customer’s lock-in. In addition to the technical implementation, we pay special attention to the marketing and sales of your shop.

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Application development

Agile and error-free

We have already been able to successfully transfer the experience we have gained through web development to desktop application development in several projects. Cross-platform tools allow not only the use of web programming languages on desktop environments, but also the native development of applications with only one code base. The advantage: one development process, multiple platforms.

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The first technological step

Mobile app development

Mandatory component of e-business

At the beginning of the 2000s the website became a business card and nowadays it is the (mobile) app. Developing apps for the two major operating systems – Apple iOS and Google Android – in their respective programming languages can cost a lot of money, which is why we decided to use cross-platform languages and tools that cover all mobile operating systems with just one code base. With Xamarin, NativeScript and PhoneGap we cover every application and every need.

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Web development

Where it all starts

As passionated PHP and Node.js developers, we have realized projects of all sizes over the decades. From simple websites, over a self-developed content management system, up to extensive enterprise solutions. Our developers are polyglot talents who know all web languages and are passionate about implementing your project.

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Content management systems

Simple, fast and comfortable

For 15 years now, we have been using CMS to provide our customers with a simple solution to manage their website or web application themselves without technical knowledge. Whether small portfolio presence or enterprise application, every content management system is individually adapted to your needs and your employees are trained in its use. Whether WordPress, Neos, TYPO3, Processwire, Concrete5, Shopware, Magento, PrestaShop etc., we understand you all.

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IT project management

Targeted, efficient but agile

The IT project manager: an all-round talent between technology, user and client, who always keeps track of the big picture and makes quick decisions on his own initiative. Agility plays a decisive role in this. Whether using Scrum, Kanban or other models: Dynamic application development, which can react quickly to adapted or new parameters and prioritizes cooperation with the customer, is the declared goal of our management philosophy.

Digital workplace

Not only for the sake of the environment

Since the beginning of computer science, the paperless office has been the wish of every computer scientist, managing director or environmentalist. Even though this request has already been widely implemented and is a prerequisite, it is only one of the many building blocks of the Digital Workplace. The seamless integration of all end devices (mobile and stationary) with the help of a central data management system is just as much in focus as the location-independent work. As a digital agency, of course, we live our own life to the full.


Your data gold in safe hands

High performance, inherently secured against brute-force attacks and offered at low-cost business rates: just three of the many advantages of our hosting services.

What else we offer: daily and encrypted backups on georedundant servers, maintenance services for your content management or e-commerce system, regular security audits and much more.

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