Digital Disruption

Displacement through innovation

Digitisation does not (only) mean the transition from analogue to digital technologies. It is primarily the holistic orientation of a company, the ability to think and act digitally and to become part of the rapid digital change.

In accordance with the top-down principle, we therefore begin by optimizing or reforming the business model in the first step, then digitally align processes and continuously transform products and services into the digital age. Either successively on-the-fly or according to the greenfield method.

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Transformational News

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21/06/2017 in Digital Business Transformation

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Transformation to new thinking

Mind 2.0

Processes, business models and strategies are no longer effective in the age of digitality. Corporate communication also requires a digital reorientation. At the same time, marketing is being aligned from the target group approach to the “Segment of One”. The goal is clear: the company and the products are moving into the background, the brand and the singularly viewed customer are the new be-all and end-all.

Data – the gold of the 21st century

Key for individual customer relationships

Collective mania and Big Data. Two terms that are often used synonymously, but without justification. It is only when a large amount of information is available, analyzed and refined through business intelligence, that conclusions can be drawn, forecasts made available and companies can react to their environment in good time.

The inquisitiveness must be the driving force behind the data collection, without which it is not possible to ask the relevant questions, whose answers are necessary to optimize your company.

The first transformational step

Where we shape transformation

A selection of


No industry benefits more from established methods and techniques than industry: Predictive maintenance, Smart factory models, Machine to Machine communication and much more. The next step is to create the link between customer, product and production.

Transformation in retail

The point of sale is in danger, customers buy mainly online. An unstoppable trend that empties the shopping streets? We advise municipalities and companies from the retail and wholesale trade in order to offer stationary trade new perspectives and, above all, a long-term prospect of success.

Transformation B2C

In contrast to the previous product-centered user behaviour, the transformation has long since reached the consumer. The customer demands personalised products instead of mass-produced goods and has more influence than ever on operational processes. His experience is in the foreground and he has already become accustomed to a high digital standard.

Transformation B2B

Purchasing, trade, logistics and network of the future. A lot of untapped potential, because the high digital search queries of buyers are counterbalanced by the scant information of the sellers. On the other hand, companies are cooperatively disclosing their diversity of information in order to expand their partner network. Sales and marketing of the future are in demand.

IT resilience

Security software and firewalls protect against attacks from outside and inside. But what is the corporate strategy if (internal) disruptions occur that have a negative impact on IT operations, irrespective of threats? In times of high data availability, permanent connectivity and API economy, IT resilience has become an important component of IT.

Digital workplace

Since the beginning of computer science, the paperless office has been the wish of every computer scientist, managing director or environmentalist. Even though this request has already been widely implemented and is a prerequisite, it is only one of the many building blocks of the Digital Workplace. The seamless integration of all end devices (mobile and stationary) with the help of a central data management system is just as much in focus as the location-independent work. As a digital agency, of course, we live our own life to the full.

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