People who belong here.

We transform other companies’ business models and help them conquer new markets with fresh ideas. In doing so, we combine corporate culture and brand communication into a holistic process.

Human development is directly linked to business success. When we implement something new, we think along with the necessary measures for human resources development.

By transforming not only the company, but also the people, we offer a value that has not yet been seen in the world of business.



A digital native of the first hour, who still has to check his mails on the beach. Would like to have the name ‘Thinktank’ protected for himself.

More about Georgios

It’s 1997, Georgios gets a PC and is delighted. Thousands of small and large parts interlocking to conjure up magic on the screen. But how? One day after arriving, the Windows PC is scattered around the children’s room. Later, it travels all over Europe as a boy scout.

The tinkerer becomes a developer, becomes an entrepreneur and, on the side, a boxing athlete. Again and again the question about the meaning of his work: ‘Just coding’ is simply not his thing. What is the value of what he does?

During the mission abroad, everything changes. Wife, child, another child. In no time at all he becomes a family man. Realization comes in the seriousness of life: It should not become more serious, but more creative. Back to curiosity. Young talents bring fresh ideas to the company that spread like wildfire. Evolvet focuses on strategic consulting for brands. This is where he feels at home: bringing analysis and creativity together to help companies realize their Purpose with a big bang.



The walking growbox for your Insta channel. Has her own fashion label #handmade. Cool sock and good soul.

More about Ina

Ina always wanted to aim high, as an astronaut as a child, in sports at school and in the hotel and fashion industry at work. She always had a soft spot for trends and stylish clothes, but also for learning: As a student, she worked her way up to become a store manager, which enabled her to finance her studies. After graduating in business management, she managed the staff of a hotel chain. And as successful as she was, she wanted more. More learning, more challenges and more variety.

Today, the former manager romps around Evolvet, advising clients on business development. In her spare time, she pursues her own personal passion: her own fashion label INA PAVL.


Santa Maria

Sighted the meaning of life last time in India. Often wakes up with a non-fiction book on his face. Singing yogi.

More about Patrick

The music plays at the navel of the world: His. Directly on Lake Constance, he sings the streets of Constance for many years while he completes his studies. Everywhere the guitar resounds to spread joie de vivre and bring people together. But what is to become of him? Only his parents knew that such a guy would end up in an agency. “You’re going into advertising. You can do marketing.” They were right. It suited him, but something was missing. Something that used to be there. Everything was about “milking the cow.” Customers and customers. Surely that couldn’t be it?

Suitcase packed, yoga teacher training in India. Pandemic extended stay. For 5 months he was a digital nomad and yogi in one. Now he knows again that he is searching. And meaning. Today, he brings his skills in culture development and branding to his clients. And helps others find a compass for their action.



Shoots designs like a sniper. Precise and with a penchant for perfectionism. Loves sneakers and vegan face cream. Funny guy.

More about Leon

The kindergarten development report states: His tears have turned into “snappy words” and “quick steps.” Early learning: Wet eyes are less popular than a big mouth. And: School is more ‘meh’, but travel and design are more his thing. After vocational school, he packs his hand luggage again, learns to order rice in all the languages of Southeast Asia, realizes that temples all look the same at some point, and flies back home richer in impressions.

Then he jumps into the agency world: creative campaigns, pitches, medium-sized businesses and kickers – life is a fast lane, designed with Photoshop and InDesign. But where does it lead? Everyday work is hectic, customer contact is superficial and, in general, advertising is not exactly the holy grail of meaningful work. So it’s no coincidence that Leon found his haven of peace at Evolvet.



Cringes inwardly when he discovers a security hole. Tekkie and surfer boy in one. Laughs a lot.

More about Robin

It all started with the name ‘Squint’. He chose this as his hacker name when he was 13 years old. He had few computer skills, but his older brother wanted to become a hacker. The little one went along with it and was the only one to stick with it in the end. Encouraged by mom at an early age, he learns his first programming languages while still at school, and after a harmless computer virus for his sister, he switches to the lighter side of hacking.

Clearly, such a person is the IT high-flyer, while his classmates write their first code on a dusty school computer. His talent is further encouraged by the teacher – he receives additional assignments and presents weekly in front of the class. Hearing this now, you think to yourself: pfft, nerd! But that’s only half the truth. When he’s not finding and reporting security vulnerabilities for companies, he’s pretty active in real life. Kitesurfing, climbing, fitness – many sports drive him out and keep him fit. Kudos for this balance between sports and IT work.