Find digital meaning.

Purpose illuminates all areas of a strong brand. We live in an oversaturated world full of seekers. We search for our own meaning and want to be understood. We seek identity and when we find it in brands, we follow them.

You can be the lighthouse for the drifting ships out there.

Shine a powerful light and set it on course.

You know your purpose best. If you have already found and formulated it, then we will build our brand development on it.

  • Purpose

    People don't follow you because they think your product is cool. But because they can identify with you on a deeper level. What is identity anchored in? In a deep belief in something. We all believe in something, but we can't always articulate it. Behind every strong brand is a Purpose. That's why we check to see what your company's purpose is. Why do you exist?

  • Research

    Your fire can't pick up everyone. Any attempt in this direction will come to nothing. So let's find out your target group, your first fan base, on which your growth can be built. To consolidate your position in the market, we look left and right at your competitors. Since research is not an end in itself, our reports are on point and serve the practical brand development.

  • Strategy

    Customers and employees don't cheer for logos. Your brand value is created when you can address your audience in a targeted and emotional way. That means we formulate goals with you and derive the necessary measures. Because we now know the competition and your audience, we start to write your brand story and determine the appropriate channels and touchpoints.

  • Design

    The moment you've been waiting for. Finally something you can touch.

    We start with naming, claiming, color scheme, typography and the logo. Everything flows into your fresh corporate design, led by a creative central idea.

  • Branding

Important buzzwords briefly explained

Branding strategy

A brand strategy or brand development strategy is a long-term plan through which your audience falls in love with your brand. For us, this always comes before visual design.

Employer branding

As an attractive employer, you attract talent that wants to stay. To do this, we look through your surface and plant the purpose in the new design of your employer brand.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity brings your messages and values together into a tangible personality.


Brand positioning describes how your brand differs from your competitors and how it is anchored in the minds of customers. That’s why competitive and target group analysis are so important.

Corporate design

The expression of your identity in the form of logo, color, fonts and other graphic elements.

Innovation strategy

It requires a detailed plan to create value that is relevant to the target audience. It includes a set of strategies or behaviors designed for growth.

Business model innovation

New business models must meet two criteria: They are profitable and fit into your existing brand ecosystem.

Social media branding

Today, one of the most popular touchpoints of your brand. We select relevant channels and roll out your brand campaign.

Competitive analysis

Know your competition to position yourself. In general, to do better.

Target group analysis

No target group, no brand. Let’s find out what your audience is burning for and how to get them there.

Brand- and User Experience

Only those who know their customers and users can create unique experiences. We develop solutions that are functional, emotional and branded.


In short, digitization refers to the translation of analog signals into digital formats. These formats are further processed in digital systems. However, digitization also describes technological change in industry and business.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation describes the integration of digital technologies into all areas of a company and fundamentally changes how they work and deliver value to their customers. It is also a cultural shift that requires companies to continuously challenge the status quo, experiment, and embrace failure.

Get to know the people behind

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