Branding is… an honest vow

A brand promise is a statement to tell customers what to expect from your company. What your services and products offer them and what they will experience by choosing you. It’s an environment that you create, an economy and a little world by itself, that your customers dive in.


People nowadays are attracted, engaged and loyal to certain brands. Have you ever asked yourself why you are attracted to a particular brand? The purpose of the brand is the secret of loyalty. It will make you more attractive for customers, employers and also partners from other popular purpose-driven brands, just like the philosophy of opening yourself due to the digital transformation. The significant purpose of your promise is what will differentiate you from the competition.


How to create a brand promise? First thing for you to do, is to understand every aspect of your company and to know what you want to achieve. That means, a long-term planning of your purpose in the market and defining your target will make it much easier for you to articulate your promise to the customer. A brand promise is what makes you stand out of the mass and make the customers understand, trust and pick your services or goods.

The qualities of a brand promise

The key qualities of a brand promise:

  • Representative – The promise needs to say much about you and your believes. It is your chance to communicate the most important part of your experiences, products and services.
  • Differentiating – Let people know what distinguish you from others. Give them your unique values.
  • Measurable – Give your audience a measurable promise. Make it easy for them to evaluate it and of course to understand it. Use units as: Time, emotion, quality, savings, distance.
  • Create Value – The promise is not just a well-made slogan, it is the value of this words. Make a statement when you can show the values of your company and how important it is for you to deliver them to your customers.
  • Simple – Try to keep out the complex phrases. Be easy, understandable and genuine. Create a promise that can be globally understood and has no boundaries.
  • Bold but Honest – Make a bold, confession that gets the attention. But keep in mind to always be honest with what you promise.
  • Speak to your customers – You don’t need to be important to everyone and spread the world universally. You need to focus on your customers, your target group. Tell them the reason why they need you, why they can trust you. In which point do you make their life easier, more beautiful or relaxing? Make a point and don’t go all around.

Brand promise examples

  • BMW: “The Ultimate Driving Machine” – BMW seems to be very confident whit their brand statement. They have the power to promise customers the most elegant and powerful vehicle.
  • Nike: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” – Nike’s promise don’t even mention any of their products. The aim to tell their customers how they feel and to give them the message that they are want to extend in the athletics field. They extend their promise to a whole brand economy.
  • Harley Davidson: “We are Harley Davidson.” – The consistent experience that Haley Davidson can give every time. The promise is simple and attempts to keep the quality and their unique experience for their loyal customers. They have a specific target group and know, that their brand is the most famous one in the biking scene. Pure confidence.
  • Marriott: “Quiet luxury. Crafted experiences. Intuitive service.” – This brand promise is all about a consistent experience. All around the world, in every city in every Marriot, you expect the same experience and service.