More than 3 years ago, in November 2014, a simple device has mixed up the crowdfunding scene. With USD 963,240 collected from the highly promising campaign, it reaches 8 times its original funding target. A great success for the small startup from Stockholm. This is the Flic button.

Evolvet Flic Button

One button to rule them all

A device barely bigger than a two-euro piece, with the potential to make the Internet of Things more attractive and practical for your own home. With it, Smart Devices can be extended by a button that reacts to 3 different statuses:
Click, double-click, long click.

Each of these events can be assigned individually with one or more actions via the Flick app. A simple click can simply turn a lamp on and off or initiate a series of actions: turn lights off, arm the alarm, lock down the building and shut down the heating.

By default, Flick already supports a variety of services and interfaces. However, it only becomes exciting when developers can expand this list or extend the smart device with additional features. Here too Shortcut Labs, inventor of the Flic Button, has thought state of the art. In addition to connections to Microsoft Flow, IFTTT, Zapier and its own Flic SDK for Android and iOS, the button can also send an Internet request.

According to the REST paradigm, the request is started using the methods GET, POST, PUT, DELETE or PATCH and can be equipped with further options.

Internet Request Settings

Switch to satisfaction tracking with Flic

The first application is quickly found: our customer Thasiana wanted to establish a simple solution for measuring customer satisfaction. As talented hobbyists we have linked the Flic button with a new tablet, written a WordPress plugin and published the tracker on the website. If a customer is satisfied with the massage services, he or she presses the Flic button at the reception desk and the counter on the tablet – directly behind the button – automatically increases.

The results can be viewed in both locations and on the website:

Thasiana Customer Satisfaction Tracker


After just one week, the counter had already reached 89 and after two weeks it had reached 192, and almost every customer was thrilled by the visually appealing presentation and the opportunity to give their feedback directly and easily. The positive side effect for satisfied customers who use the button: every hundredth evaluation is rewarded with a free massage.